Thursday, May 24, 2018

Reggie can't get rid of these


  1. Great caption. Reggie did everything you would expect an aggressive teen to do to get out of the situation. Following the "dark side", I'm pretty sure he could find the incision where the breast implants were put in, reopen the wound and remove the forms. Better yet, just stab each breast with an ice pick or sharp, narrow blade and drain the forms. Painful? Yes. But not insurmountable pain and I'm sure with Aunt Ellen's medical background there would be ample supplies in the house to sterilize the wound. Depends on how desperate he is. Then it's back on the road after dealing with Auntie and getting some cash when she returns from work. Dark? Yes, but still possible given Reggie's background.

  2. No, she won't run fast in those heels.....

    Finally, though - in most caps and stories the boy does not even try to do anything about glued on breasts. Never tries to simply chop up silicon with a knife. Maybe leave a thin backing glued to the chest, but removes the bulge. Well, Reggie did.. and Dr. Eileen put a more permanent bulge there.