Thursday, December 6, 2018

Justin is on his way to being Justine

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  1. Justin was 16yrs old but Justine was 22yrs that was the deal that Justin made with Grace if anyone happen to ask Grace about her model unknown to Justin Grace had even made a fake ID that first day. So when the four woman went out Grace had that surprise in Justine's clutch purse that she was caring. along with her makeup and lipstick. When the ladies went to dinner after they had been seated the waiter asked for drinks the three other woman ordered a white wine and Justin was about to order a sprite when Grace stoped her cousin getting him/her to look at her ID then Justine ordered a white wine also. after the waiter left Helen tried to remind Justine that she /he was only 16yrs. but Justine not to night mother I am your 22yr daughter, OK but remember not to much Alcohol young lady. After a great dinner and some great conversation between the woman the left the restaurant. Helen and her sister stopped to light their cigarettes, Grace also lit up one and when Justine pulled one out to smoke also her mom Helen was shocked After a drag and blowing out the smoke Justine looked at her mom and said what do you expect like mother like daughter right, It was then that Helen knew her Daughter Justine was going to be modeling for her nice more often and her son Justin was going to visit his dad on the other side of the country. to explain Justine's appearance she was the secret bastard daughter that Helen had with another man that kept her now she was old enough to find her mom, and she did.