Saturday, January 12, 2019

Anita couldn't ask for a better outcome

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  1. Calvin and Anita went to his parents house and was introduced as his fiancé and then Calvin's mom took Anita into her bedroom to talk girl, Calvin's dad took him out to the back porch to light up cigars the dad was excited that Calvin was going to settle down. His mom after closing the door turned on Anita I wished that when Calvin finally decided to get married that I would get grandchildren but seeing you can't give me any I just hope you to are happy. Anita started to cry and said you know but how? A mother always knows my dear but your secret is safe with me I hope Calvin knows. Yes he does and is OK with it. I won't tell his father I will leave that up to you to when the time is right. After Anita fixed her makeup they kissed good by and started to drive to Scott's house. Anita knew it was going to be OK seeing her mom and dad already knew. They dad a big wedding and moved to Calvin's base where Anita would become another wife of the deployed. Back home Calvin's dad said to his wife I know you always wanted grandchildren but those two can still adopt. The wife was shocked you knew of course I knew Scott was one of my patients and I could not tell you because of Doctor/patient privacy, but now that Anita is my daughter I don't have to keep all the secrets from you. I did give them a referral to a great doctor friend of mine on the west coast just off Calvin's base where Anita can get her final sugary.